Sick Home Syndrome

Most people spend 50 percent or more of each day inside their homes. Your home is supposed to be a healthy, safe haven for you and your family. Unfortunately, many homes aren’t the safe, healthy environment they should be.

Are you worried about the potential health hazards that lurk in your home? A complete visual “Healthy Home” inspection that includes not just asbestos but other hazardous materials such as mold, dust mites, VOC’s, toxic chemicals, electro magnetic radiation and pest Issues. The report will also include an outline of the “Principles of a Healthy Home” and a practical guide to understanding and “Maintaining a Healthy Home”.

Understanding Common Health Hazards in Your Home:

• Asbestos
• Allergens
• Passive smoke
• Airborne Particles
• Mold spores
• Electo-Magnetic Fields (EMF’s) Lead
• Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
• Pet hairs and dander
• Formaldehyde
• Carbon monoxide
• Nitrogen dioxide
• Benzene
• Xylene
• Thrichloro-ethylene
• Radon
• Pesticides
• Lead
• Contaminated Water
• Food poisoning

How can you ensure a healthier home environment for your family?

For a very reasonable fee a Healthy Home Survey can identify potential health hazards within your home.

Healthy Home Survey Complete with written report and photos.   $590

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