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Real Estate – Pre-Purchase Asbestos Survey   An inspection to determine if you have asbestos, vermiculite insulation, mold or other toxic materials lurking within your home that will eventually cause health risks.             

STANDARD SERVICE: Inspection fee = $150 + $49 per sample tested.         5 BUSINESS DAYS   

RUSH SERVICE:  Inspection fee = $180 + $89 per sample                                   2 BUSINESS DAYS

Work Safe BC says …  “If you’re planning to demo or reno a home built before 1990, you need to take asbestos seriously. Found in more than 3,000 pre-1990s building materials, asbestos can be hiding in plain sight. Breathing in asbestos fibres can cause serious health problems, lung diseases, and cancer. So before work starts, identify any asbestos in your home and get it properly removed to ensure the health and safety of everyone working on your project.”

Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA)   …states  “test sampling operations must be performed by qualified individuals completely independent of the abatement contractor to avoid possible conflict of interest.”

Asbestos Surveys  We provide asbestos testing, also known as asbestos surveys, for home owners, employers, contractors and property management groups. This is a critical first step prior to any asbestos removal work taking place. We inspect homes to identify asbestos containing materials ACM’s, collect samples to be analysed by an accredited lab and then provide a report (an inventory of hazardous materials). This is a necessary first step to determine if encapsulation or removal is required before any renovations, repairs, or demolition can occur. 

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